Coalition for Equal Value Equal Pay

Coalition for Equal Value Equal Pay (CEVEP)

Pay Equity Links


Pay Equity Links

A selection of world-wide organisations working towards pay equity.


Association of University Staff

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

New Zealand Nurses Organisation

New Zealand University Students' Association

Prue Hyman — Selected papers on pay equity

PSA campaign


BT Equal Pay Task Force (United Kingdom)

National Committee on Pay Equity (United States)

Pay Equity 2001 — Public Service Alliance of Canada (Canada)

Pay Equity Initiative — Women in Cable & Telecommunications Foundation (United States)

Equal Opportunities Commission (United Kingdom)

Public Services International — Pay Equity Research Summary


Equal Pay Handbook — Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission (Australia)

Pay Equity case study — Office of the Director of Equal Opportunity in Public Employment, NSW (Australia)

Pay Equity / Comparable Worth — State of Minnesota (United States)

Equal Pay Matters Initiative — Department of Labour (United States)

Ontario Pay Equity Hearings Tribunal (Canada)

Pay Equity Review


Properties — real estate classifieds


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