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United Party Views on Pay Equity in New Zealand


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United Party Views on Pay Equity in New Zealand

20 September 2000

Ms Linda Pears
Coalition for Equal Value Equal Pay
PO Box 12 361

Dear Ms Pears

Thank you for your letter seeking the United New Zealand party's policy on pay equity.

United New Zealand believes equality must be promoted and actively encouraged in the workplace and in policy formation and implementation. As a party that strongly stands against discrimination, on the grounds of ethnicity, religious and sexual orientation and gender, United is committed to ensuring equality is not just a buzzword but a reality.

Pay equity should be actively encouraged and practices and conventions put in place to ensure it can work. United NZ favours an approach which encourages and rewards rather than a punitive process governed by inflexible and unworkable legislation.

I am also enclosing for your general information a copy of United New Zealand's policy document The United Advantage: Principles and Policy.

Best wishes for your ongoing work and the establishment of your website.

Yours sincerely

Hon Peter Dunne
Leader, United New Zealand

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